About Us

AfroPort Logistics (PTY) LTD is one of the most sought largest logistics services hub. We pride ourselves with providing solutions to our transportations and logistics companies and partners cross-continental. We exist to bridge the gap between heavy vehicles owners, providers, companies, tenders and contractors. We bring solutions to the owners of fewer vehicles to navigate their route in business and excellence.

We also help contractors and tender holders who do not have construction heavy vehicles and transportations to large sectors including mines, gasoline companies, and many more transportation logistic sectors.

We also help vehicles holders who seek opportunities to participate in the market. We are pleased to have the best team to ensure that large companies get resources and needs within time and with ease.

It is our pride to supply satisfactory needs of companies, contractors, partners and contract holders. We pride ourselves with creating ethical and professional working environment that allow any contracted and registered vehicle owners and companies with needs to participate effectively with high satisfaction from our service. Hence it becomes our greatest satisfaction when our clients and partners are highly satisfied.

It is our greatest credibility to spot opportunities and give it to those who are prepared for it. We are always open to work with our clients and partners with mutual relationship that enhances their profitability in the activities within which we operate. We are always open to continue building strong relationship with those who are emerging entrepreneurs, and largest suppliers to achieve common goal of ensuring the effectiveness of the transportation logistic sector all over the world.

Our Values

AfroPort Logistics (PTY) LTD is one of the most sought largest logistics services hub.

  • Client’s satisfaction
  • Professionalism
  • Business Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Cross Cultural Understanding